Surface Treatment

An economical and efficient means to prevent oxidation, seal out moisture and restore skid resistance.

Joint & Crack Filler/Sealer

A quick-set treatment for asphalt cracks of any depth. This process extends the life of the asphalt by sealing out damaging surface moisture, minimizing ice formation and reducing traffic erosion.

Cold Recycling

An effective system for removal and reuse of existing (worn) asphalt surfacesthat offers significant cost savings compared to conventional road reconstruction.

Pave Placed

A hot mix asphalt concrete that seals the existing road surface and provides a new skid resistant wearing course in one simultaneous operation.

Cold Mix Paving

A extra durable, long-lasting remedy for worn roadways which uses less energy and produces fewer emissions than hot mixes. Emulsion mixes lend themselves to on-site and in-place manufacture.

Micro Surfacing/Slurry Seal

A low cost pavement conservation system that, when applied to a new or existing pavement, provides a cost effective skid-resistant sealant/wearing surface that guards against the damaging effects of weather and traffic.

Stress Absorbing Membranes

Fiber reinforcing membrane is a crack inhibiting and sealing membrane; a combination of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, chopped glass fiber strands and aggregate.

Rubber modified asphalt has been used in a number of different maintenance and rehabilitation applications including joint and crack seals, chip seals, stress-absorbing membrane interlayer's (SAMI), asphalt rubber hot mixes (dense-, gap- and open-graded).

Tack Coat

Tack Coat is an asphalt emulsion which is ideally placed using a distributor application. Its main purpose is to waterproof the existing surface and bond & secure the layers between the current surface and newly applied layers.

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