In the mid-1950's a group of businessmen engaged in liquid asphalt application formed an association to actively promote and improve the use of the products they were selling: asphalt cements, cutbacks, emulsions and tars.

As a result, other companies in the business throughout the State of New York were contacted and a high interest in following through on the aims of the Troy meeting was evidenced, resulting in the formation of the New York Bituminous Distributors Association Inc. in 1956, with Cy Allemeier of Allied Bitumens, Inc. of Buffalo as the first president.

Over the years many things have changed. The use of cutbacks has been drastically reduced and emulsion use has correspondingly increased, distributors have become larger and more sophisticated. Members have extended and expanded methods in which liquid asphalts are used. Today a member company will not only have asphalt distributors, but may also include in its fleet pugmills and stabilization plants, transports, travel mix plants, conventional pavers, mechanical chip spreaders, slurry seal machines and in-place recycling machines. Additionally, a number of member companies also operate their own asphalt emulsion manufacturing facilities.

The association's name was changed to the Liquid Asphalt Distributors Association of New York, Inc.(LADA) in 1983. This was in keeping with the diversification of products and processes taking place in the industry. Today, our members are involved in working with the NYSDOT and OGS. in upgrading specifications as well as investigating new and better uses for our products.

Operations today are a far cry from what they were when the founding group met in Troy over 50 years ago. To keep pace with future changes in the industry, the association must continue to lead the way and its members must continue to dedicate themselves to its leadership through their active participation in the association.

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