Welcome to the online home of LADA, Liquid Asphalt Distributors Association of New York


The Liquid Asphalt Distributors Association of New York is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of extending and promoting the use of liquid bituminous materials through bituminous distributors and related specialized equipment.

The goals of LADA are simple:

To be an organization for those persons or firms who are engaged in the distribution of liquid bituminous products.

To act as a central agency for the dissemination of knowledge and information related to the application and proper usage of liquid bituminous materials.

To encourage advancement in the technology of liquid bituminous materials for better products, improved service and consistent results.

To provide a code of ethics that determine the standards of conduct expected of LADA members.


In the mid-1950’s a group of businessmen that were engaged in liquid asphalt application formed an association to actively promote and improve the use of the products they were selling – Asphalt cements, cutbacks, emulsions and tars.

As a result, other companies in the business throughout the State of New York expressed interest in joining the organization and supporting its mission. This resulted in the formation of the New York Bituminous Distributors Association Inc. in 1956. Cy Allemeier of Allied Bitumens, Inc. in Buffalo was the association’s first president.

The association’s name was changed to the Liquid Asphalt Distributors Association of New York, Inc. (LADA) in 1983. Today our members are involved in working with the NYSDOT and OGS in upgrading specifications as well as investigating new and better uses for our products and manufacturing facilities.

A number of other changes have also occurred since the original formation of the association. The use of cutbacks has been drastically reduced and emulsion use has subsequently increased. Distributors have become larger and more sophisticated. Members have extended and expanded the methods in which liquid asphalts are used. A member company now will not only have asphalt distributors, but may also have pugmills and stabilization plants, transports, travel mix plants, conventional pavers, mechanical chip spreaders, slurry seal machines and in-place recycling machines in their fleet. Additionally, a number of member companies also operate their own asphalt emulsion.

Additionally, operations are a far cry from what they were when the founding group met in Troy over 60 years ago. In order to keep pace with future changes in the industry, members must continue to dedicate themselves active participation in the association so that LADA can lead the way towards industry advancement.

Products & Services

Surface Treatment

An economical and efficient method for preventing oxidation, sealing out moisture and restoring skid resistance.

Joint & Crack Filler/Sealer

A quick-set treatment for asphalt cracks of any depth. This process extends the life of the asphalt by sealing out damaging surface moisture, minimizing ice formation and reducing traffic erosion.

Cold Recycling

An effective system for removal and reuse of existing (worn) asphalt surfaces that offers significant cost savings compared to conventional road reconstruction.

Pave Placed

A hot mix asphalt concrete that seals the existing road surface and provides a new skid resistant wearing course in one simultaneous operation.

Cold Mix Paving

A extra durable, long-lasting remedy for worn roadways which uses less energy and produces fewer emissions than hot mixes. Emulsion mixes lend themselves to on-site and in-place manufacture.

Micro Surfacing/Slurry Seal

A low cost pavement conservation system that, when applied to a new or existing pavement, provides a cost effective skid-resistant sealant/wearing surface that guards against the damaging effects of weather and traffic.

Stress Absorbing Membranes

Fiber reinforcing membrane is a crack inhibiting and sealing membrane; a combination of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, chopped glass fiber strands and aggregate.

Rubber modified asphalt has been used in a number of different maintenance and rehabilitation applications including joint and crack seals, chip seals, stress-absorbing membrane interlayers (SAMI) and asphalt rubber hot mixes (dense, gap and open-graded).

Tack Coat

Tack Coat is an asphalt emulsion which is ideally placed using a distributor application. Its main purpose is to waterproof the existing surface and bond & secure the layers between the current surface and newly applied layers.



Regular members


All States Asphalt, Inc.
Sunderland, Massachusetts

Peckham Materials Corporation
White Plains, New York


American Asphalt Distributors, Inc.
Clinton, New York


Suit-Kote Corporation
Cortland, New York


The Cady Company, Inc.
Amsterdam, New York


Suit-Kote Jamestown
Jamestown, New York


Gorman Bros., Inc.
Albany, New York


Suit-Kote Watertown 
Watertown, New York

Midland Asphalt Materials, Inc.
Tonawanda, New York


Vestal Asphalt, Inc.
Vestal, New York

Associate members

Bearcat Manufacturing, Inc. 

Bergkamp, Inc.

Cimline, Inc. 

Crafco, Inc.

E.D. Etnyre & Co. 

Empire Emulsions

Fred Mello & Associates

Highway Rehab, Corp.

Maxwell Products 

McAsphalt Industries, Ltd.

MeadWestvaco, Corp. 

Meeker Equipment

Midland Machinery Co., Inc.

Sakai America

Tracey Road Equipment, Inc.

Ultrapave, Corp.